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Repairs & Appraisals


Jewelry Restoration
Preserving family heirlooms for our customers through restoration and maintenance helps keep their most treasured jewelry pieces beautiful and wearable.

Jewelry Repairs
We offer full-service jewelry repair. From repairing gold chains to tightening of stones, prongs and reinforcements, professional cleaning and metal re-plating

Watch Repairs
Our watchmakers can repair all brands of watches and can even help repair antique and vintage timepieces.

Jewelry Appraisals
Our highly trained staff can also appraise your fine jewelry for insurance purposes and provide verbal and written jewelry appraisals.

Written jewelry appraisals
Written appraisals include a formal document that describes the value, gems and diamonds and includes a photograph.

Verbal jewelry appraisals
Verbal appraisals cover general valuation, authenticity, stone and metal identification, fair selling price and general estate valuations.

Prices on metals, diamonds and gems have increased over the last few years significantly, if your insurance is based on an old appraisal than you may not be fully insured for what the value is now.


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